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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important for a company or entity?

CSR is essential for all entities, especially the ones in the corporate sector, as it looks into global standards for environment and human resource issues. CSR also encompasses working towards the elimination of corruption. CSR promotes growth through good governance. Most importantly, it is a path towards sustainable growth.

2. Is CSR philanthropy or charity?

Philanthropy is not CSR, but rather an element of CSR. CSR is a broader issue covering labour and human rights, protection of the environment and ensuring good governance. Good CSR is found at the core of sound business strategies.

3. Why does CSR play an important role for the development of a nation?

For a company, CSR can be applied both internally and externally. For example, externally, CSR can lead to better access of global markets.  An example of internal CSR is that it enhances better collaboration and communication between an employer and an employee.

4. Ad hoc charity or a long-term, sustainable CSR vision?

If a company invests in ad hoc approaches to CSR it will never be sustainable or cost-effective. Companies need to identify their core strategies for sustainability, which can be done by implementing a CSR strategy.

5. How can a company initiate a CSR program?

Companies can practice internal CSR (look at the human resources within, health+ hygiene of its employees/workers, Safety, etc) and can do internal CSR (inform its customers and engage in its surrounding communities by taking care of the environment.

6. Is CSR only for the private sector?

No, CSR can be implemented by all organizations.

7. How can CSR link to national economic development?

CSR can be linked at the sectoral level and complement the MDGs.

8. What is meant by sustainable growth?

It means a planned, systematic roadmap for long-term growth that is required for any present and future endeavors of an entity.

9. How is CSR linked with profitability ?

Good CSR practices are also good branding mechanisms. Better CSR strategies can lead to greater profits in the long run.

10. Who coordinates the UNGC Bangladesh chapter?

CSR Centre, Bangladesh

11. How many members to the UNGC Bangladesh Network?

The current UNGC Bangladesh network has 43 signatories (October 2012).

12. How does the CSR Centre support the UNGC in Bangladesh?

CSR Centre facilitates:
  • Training on UNGC Principles
  • Develops capacity on reporting tools including COP (Communication on Progress)and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
  • Develops national training on UNGC
  • Holds meetings, workshops and seminars with stakeholders on various Principles of the UN Global Compact .

13. How does the CSR Centre support in the implementation of a CSR agenda for different entities?

CSR  Centre give consultancy services to all stakeholders in regards to developing CSR strategies. The Centre conducts training for specific target groups, hosts seminars  and conferences to build in-depth awareness on CSR issues nationally, regionally and globally.