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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which reflects a move toward more moral and sustainable practices, has become a crucial component of corporations globally in the modern global context. It is viewed as both a strategic need and a charitable deed. Businesses are under growing pressure to do more for society than just turn a profit. This can take many different forms, such as attempts to promote diversity and inclusion, ethical labor practices, community development programs, and environmental stewardship.

In Bangladesh, the concept of corporate social responsibility, or CSR, has gained popularity recently as a result of a greater understanding of the value of ethical and sustainable business operations. The country’s commercial operations now heavily rely on corporate social responsibility (CSR) due to its thriving private sector and expanding economy. In Bangladesh, corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts span a wide range of fields, such as poverty reduction, healthcare, education, and environmental sustainability. For these projects to be successfully implemented, companies frequently collaborate with NGOs, governmental bodies, and international organizations. Furthermore, a lot of businesses in Bangladesh are making environmental sustainability a top priority by taking steps to lessen their carbon footprint, protect the environment, and support renewable energy sources.

In Bangladesh, legal structures and government backing are essential for advancing corporate social responsibility. To encourage companies to engage in CSR initiatives and incorporate sustainability into their operations, the government has put laws and incentives in place.

In Bangladesh, CSR is becoming a more important factor in advancing social progress and sustainable development. Businesses in Bangladesh can make a lasting impact on society and generate value for their stakeholders and the nation at large by incorporating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their business plans.