for CSR strategy development


Provide training and facilitates workshops on topics of CSR to motivate private sector & NGO


Facilitates forums and seminars to engage stakeholders for advocating responsible business practices and CSR

About the CSR Centre

The CSR Centre, which was established in Bangladesh in 2007, pioneered the Corporate Sustainability Agenda by emphasizing CSR and Sustainable Development.

As the global focus on CSR shifted towards responsible and sustainable business practices, the CSR Centre collaborated with various partners including Private Sector, Government of Bangladesh, Development Partners to address and implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Today, sustainable development has become an integral part of the CSR landscape, and the CSR Centre plays a pivotal role as a catalyst for change. Bangladeshi businesses have made significant progress in adopting responsible business practices over the years through global compliance. The primary goal of the CSR Centre is to promote better business practices based on international and ethical standards through collaborative efforts. Its activities include providing advice on CSR strategies, promoting exemplary CSR practices, and engaging the private sector to support sustainability initiatives for socio-economic advancement.

Through sector-specific programs, the CSR Centre has been actively working in Bangladesh to advance the Sustainability Agenda. Initiatives such as facilitating discussions on women’s issues and gender equality, enhancing the capacity of the RMG sector, encouraging corporate volunteerism in the agriculture sector to promote sustainable value chains, and raising awareness on health issues in the pharmaceutical sector have been notable accomplishments.

Through its projects and diverse programs, the CSR Centre fosters dialogues across various sectors on global-local CSR-related issues and strives to promote foreign direct investment and sustainable trade for the country.

The CSR Centre’s mandate is to join in partnering with those organizations/companies/sectors that want to be Sustainability Leaders in Bangladesh.

Through the years the Centre has worked across various sectors on knowledge sharing and capacity building to promote business and sustainability.

MISSION: Achieving organizational excellence by promoting, guiding, and supporting sustainability issues for our stakeholders.

VISION: To be a leader in the field of sustainability.