for CSR strategy development


Provide training and facilitates workshops on topics of CSR to motivate private sector & NGO


Facilitates forums and seminars to engage stakeholders for advocating responsible business practices and CSR


Matchmaking for Companies & Development Partners

CSR Centre contributes in matchmaking for organizations with development partners for involving into strategic and systematic process to ensure compatibility, mutual benefit and successful collaboration.

Develop Sustainability Reports for Companies

CSR Centre navigates companies in identifying relevant sustainability metrics and data points by providing clear guidelines and standards for company’s reporting. The Centre works with companies to integrate sustainability considerations into their business strategies and operations. It guides the companies to foster transparency and accountability in company specific Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

Build Capacity of Factories on Global Standards including Conflict Resolution & Remediation Strategy

CSR Centre plays a essential role in building the capacity of factories within their supply chains by providing comprehensive training on global standards, conflict resolution and remediation strategies. It emphasizes open communication and collaborative problem-solving. Customized training programs are developed to address these specific needs, covering international standards such as those set by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other relevant bodies. 

Advice on Private Sector Engagement for implementing the SDGs

CSR Centre initiates platforms for collaboration, such as-public-private partnerships to bring business, governments and civil society together. Through targeted outreach and advocacy, CSR Centre encourages private sector entities to align their corporate strategies with SDGs, emphasizing the potential for both societal impact and business sustainability.

Implement Projects on CSR & SDGs

CSR Centre implement projects on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by aligning their initiatives with societal and environmental needs. The Centre identifies specific CSR projects that not only address social and environmental challenges but also align with its business values.

Youth Engagement & Trainings for Career Development

CSR Centre actively engages in youth empowerment by offering targeted training programs for career development. Recognizing the importance of nurturing young talent, these initiatives often include workshops, seminars, and mentorship opportunities. By investing in youth engagement and career development, the Centre contributes to a skilled and motivated workforce, empowering young individuals to pursue fulfilling and successful careers.

Organize Dialogues on Sector Specific Engagement on CSR/ Sustainability Issues

CSR Centre organizes sector specific dialogues to foster constructive engagements for bringing stakeholders together from a particular industry or sector to discuss pertinent CSR/ Sustainability issues, share insights and explore collaborative opportunities.

Training on Social Compliance in RMG Sector

With an in-depth understanding of international labor standards, local regulations, and industry-specific requirements, CSR Centre conducts training on social compliance in the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector to ensure ethical and responsible business practices in their supply chain.  Team of efficient trainers enlight participants, including factory workers, managers, and other stakeholders, on social compliance, gender and other relevant topics with  practical examples, case studies, and interactive sessions.